Susanne Rae Jones is a meditation teacher, artist, writer, gardener ,labyrinth creator and priestex of the Earth. She is a dynamic and engaging, Veriditas-trained presenter who has 30+ years’ experience working with earth-centred energies.

This blog is a place for my writing: this bit is about me!

Born on the banks of the Gwydir River in north-western NSW Australia. The wide-open spaces of Kamiliroy Country, cypress pines ,sheep and sapphire skied country sing in my soul.  I have travelled this earth, and lived  for many years on Dharawal country between the two mighty rivers: ?Georges and ?Nepean on the south-western edge of the sprawling so-called-Sydney. I recently moved to the Wilykali country of the Barkkindji Nation (so-called-Broken Hill, NSW) a lifetime dream where my heart sings.

After bumpy beginnings, my working life started as a registered nurse and midwife. After 20 years I took my love of art to the high school classroom and achieved a PhD in Art Education from UNSW.  As well as many years teaching experience at secondary and tertiary education levels I am a competent yoga/meditation  teacher and community organiser.

I am is passionate about the earth and ritual. I conduct classes and workshops in my local community, Australia and internationally in the Reclaiming Tradition.  My Earth Based Mindfulness meditation classes are taught live via the zoom to anywhere in the world.

In 2012 I started  the Meditation Space in Campbelltown, a place for like minded people to come together for workshop, ritual, classes and healing. I have been the Pagan Chaplain at Western Sydney University and  Coordinator of Campbelltown Hospital Pastoral Care Team. As Principle of the Meditation Teacher Training College, I provide support and direction for those stepping into the career as teachers and group facilitators or adding meditation teaching to their skills.

I sometimes describe myself as a healer, artist, writer, activist and witch. I have regularly hosted labyrinth walks in Campbelltown and at the  Centennial Park Labyrinth in Sydney .

With 30 years meditation experience in various traditions and 7 years meditation teaching experience my classes draw on Buddhist, earth based spirituality and psychological understandings of Meditation. As best I can my work is inclusive and trauma informed . I aim to bring a pragmatic grounded spirituality to presentations, whether they be corporate based stress management sessions, holding space at a funeral , a public ritual or my own Yoga and Meditation Classes. 

Susanne Rae is available for mentoring, workshops, labyrinth building and facilitation, speaking events, and classes online and in person.  More details of my offerings can be found here.

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