Walking Labyrinths in the U.K.

Searching for Labyrinths have taken me through deep green forests with mighty old trees, wetlands, mountain passes and roads that seem to wind along the edge of the world .

Past newly ploughed fields and those with crops just harvested , fields of Wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, and quinola

Along narrow hedge lined ,tree arched and brick wall lined lanes, through tiny villages with nowhere to stop or turn.

Along motorways with turnoffs to places I have read or heard about . Negotiated complex motorway round abouts (why doesn’t the sat nav have a “well done ” comment?)

Driven through the wild open sheep nibbled highlands of Scotland , marbled purple and green with heather and moss ; along steep winding roads and been amazed by the wide open vistas of the North Sea and rugged coastlines?

I have felt held by the folds of the earth and marveled at wide flat valleys carved by ancient ice rivers. Stood breathless at the far reaching moors of Yorkshire and the Scottish landscape threaded with mysterious lochs that are mirrors to the sky .

Stood on the prow the ferry to Islay with the wind lashing my face.

I’ve seen seals, squirrels red and grey,

Snails, grouse, ladybirds and toads

Been accompanied each day by collared doves and swarms of swallows

there’s been ducks tails up in streams and ponds, whistling eagles overhead and a pair of falcons drifting on the updraft

Wild swans with babies in the sea and red deer in the wheat fields

Ive seen hedgehogs, owls, raven,rabbits and deer dead on the sides of roads

And Cheered tiny shrews as they scurried their way across the busy highways

Wild flowers I’ve only known as weeds cover the landscape and villages festooned with potted flowers shout summer!

I nibbled wild raspberries and blackberries as I’ve wandered tracks and lanes

Stood by ancient standing stones and on top of Iron Age forts

Sat with ancient oaks

Walked a river in Alness looking for otters , visited A sacred well on the Black Isle near Inverness, tromped across the heather and moss covered hills in Scotland and drank from steams , lit a candle for mum in the the Lincoln Catherdal and had fish and chips in a pub.

Been too terrified to sleep in a highway wayside car park where cars were coming and going in the night. Slept like a lion next to lochs and in forests

I’ve avoided cities and major tourist spots. Cooked amazing meals in the van . Enjoyed glorious views on wild mountain tops and beaches.

I’ve lost my way and found it again.

Driven for days with only the voices in my head or the sat nav for company.

Every day I’ve walked a labyrinth in sun , rain or wind, though mostly sun. Some ancient some new. If I couldnt find one nearby I made one myself (westcoast Islay – below)

Ive enjoyed the precious company of some dear friends and family along the way

And had enlightening chance encounters and conversations with strangers

Picked up rubbish in highway byways

Ghost net on beaches ,cried at forest harvesting.

Created a ghost net dolly on Islay and knitted a beanie

Sometimes I’ve wanted to give up thought I was crazy yet I carried on.

I’ve felt distracted by the world and come back to my plan to walk a labyrinth a day for 12 days.

I’ve thought of my family and friends and all the things I do.

I have found peace in the labyrinth – it is my home – each walk offering a deeper understanding of the path and myself.

I’ve sung and chanted , made offerings to the land and listened to the wisdom of my grandmothers and I have been silent .

Always always I know more and more that life, every life, in all its form is sacred. Where this path will take me I have no idea but it is taking me somewhere and I honor that.

Susanne Rae

Below are some of my Faves

Dunure Ayrshire

Glastonbury Cathedral

Alkborough Lincolnshire

Hilton Common Cambridgeshire

Crystal Palace community garden

Batheaston – Hill Fort

Dalby North Yorkshire

Dundee Hospital

One thought on “Walking Labyrinths in the U.K.

  1. I, for one, have awaited your return to this place where you started. “We shall not cease from exploration,……and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Welcome home, dear one.


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